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Perth WA

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**FREE CALLOUT** FOR COMPRESSOR QUOTE * - if you have had your compressor diagnosed as unserviceable and in need of replacing we will attend and give you a free Quote if the compressor is unserviceable. If we diagnose that we can repair your aircon without changing the compressor then the usual callout fee of $ 176 applies (ie this covers callout and up to the first hour of labour on site plus GST).

If you want your airconditioner fixed and it is one of the brands we specialise in then call us.

If you call an airconditioning business that does not specialise in your brand, or one that advertises that they install new airconditioners then you should save your money and get a quote from one of the electrical retailers that advertise widely.

We do not sell or install new airconditioners.

We are a small business not affiliated with any manufacturer and cover the Perth metropolitan area.

Make your booking by email, it is fast and efficient.

We specialise in the following brands:

  • Email Air
  • Airwell
  • Weatherwall
  • GAF Control 
  • ph 6161 8785

If it can be fixed, we can fix it.

We care for the environment ie:

  • registered with the Cth Govt's Arctick programme AU20205
  • can help you become ENERGY SMART by maintaining the energy efficiency of your airconditioners.


For prompt service (24/7)



Ph 6102 0822



* The reason that we can do this is that the majority of aircon coys diagnose an unserviceable compressor because they do not have the skills or inclination to assess what else is at fault.

Many people will choose an aircon coy that is closer or cheaper than us initially will find it worthwhile to call us after they have had a compressor diagnosed as faulty.